18-month-old's mystery fever and swollen lips were symptoms of Kawasaki disease

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Konner Hall was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease at 18 months old. 他现在是一个健康的8岁孩子. (图片由霍尔一家提供)
Konner Hall, now 8, was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease at 18 months old. (图片由霍尔一家提供)

As a toddler, Konner Hall showed a knack for hitting milestones early.

9个月大的时候,他开始走路. 14个月大的时候,他学会了如厕.

他也有耳部感染的倾向. So when he was 18 months old and woke up one morning with a low-grade fever, 他的父母——来自Cottonwood的Stephanie和Justin Hall, 阿拉巴马州——我以为只是又一次耳部感染.

那天晚上, 康纳的体温是104华氏度, high enough for his parents to take him to the emergency room. 医生说康纳只是脱水了, so he sent them home with instructions to give the boy more fluids.

A couple days later, Konner woke up in the middle of the night crying. 他的体温飙升至104华氏度以上. His parents rushed him to the other ER in their area, hoping for fresh insight. The doctor there gave the same diagnosis: Konner was just dehydrated and needed fluids.

斯蒂芬妮和贾斯汀确信还有更多的事情要做. After all, Konner's lips were so swollen that it looked as if someone had punched him. 他的舌头上全是肿块. 他身上长满了疹子. 他不让任何人碰他就会哭.

The next morning, Stephanie and Justin took Konner to the pediatrician. 医生马上说:“他得了川崎病."

Kawasaki disease is a disease of small and medium blood vessels in the body, 包括心脏的动脉. It develops suddenly and causes a high fever and inflammation of the blood vessels. 这种疾病的确切病因尚不清楚. It tends to affect the coronary arteries, which carry blood to the heart muscle. It typically affects children under the age of 5, more often boys than girls.

It can become life-threatening if it's not diagnosed within the first five to seven days of symptoms.


康纳·霍尔和他妈妈斯蒂芬妮在医院. (图片由霍尔一家提供)
康纳·霍尔和他妈妈斯蒂芬妮在医院. (图片由霍尔一家提供)

在接下来的七天里, 康纳接受了抗体注射, 川崎病的标准治疗方法是什么. He was allowed to go home once he went 24 hours without a fever. His parents were told to bring him back if a fever returned in the next 24 hours.

几小时后,康纳发了102华氏度的高烧. 所以他们又去了医院. 他又接受了一次输液. After no fever for 24 hours, they were sent home with the same instructions.


在接下来的六个月里, he took one aspirin a day to help keep the fevers at bay and prevent blood clots.

现在8, 康纳将永远是这种疾病的携带者, which is often treatable with early diagnosis and cannot be passed on to another person. His chances of further complications reduce greatly the older he gets.


他喜欢打棒球。, coloring and all things wrestling – from watching WWE to rolling around with his dad. 就他的年龄而言,他还是很成熟的. A teacher recently called Stephanie and asked if the school could test Konner for the gifted and talented program.

Konner Hall is still advanced for his age and loves to play baseball. (图片由霍尔一家提供)
川崎病的幸存者康纳·霍尔喜欢打棒球. (图片由霍尔一家提供)

"Having a 104-degree temperature for days on end at 18 months old could have messed with Konner's brain, 但事实并非如此,斯蒂芬妮说.

Or, as Konner himself puts it: "Kawasaki disease didn't weaken me. 它让我更坚强."

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